Weiss Architecture Studio

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Our Services


The company has established an Interior Design sector in the 1970s. Within a short span of time we have climbed to become one of Saudi Arabia’s leading Interior Design companies. Our business extends to other parts of the Gulf Region such as Abu Dhabi , Cairo as well as Beirut . Our innovative approach and the commitment to employ well trained and professional personnel is the reason that we provide our clients with new and creative ideas that meets their requirements.


Asaleeb Tala was founded in 2004 and was formed from a cadre of young and ambitious engineers, who engaged their engineering and cognitive abilities in a unique style of hospital and building engineering systems. We are proud to be an active institution, evolving in the area of research and implementation of electro mechanical engineering construction technologies in various industrial, commercial, residential, hotel and medicinal uses.


Asaleeb implements construction contracts and provides maintenance for the projects. The company is based in Saudi Arabia with the headquarters located in the city of Riyadh. The company policy is to get the projects done in a short span of time with the most cost effective way and a high quality standard.